Located in the city of Mbombela in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, Ehlanzeni Arts Academy is a performing arts center that develops and promotes the performing arts through training and showcasing.  The center offers a performing arts education program that includes a learnership and a skills program.  The skills program is offered as a community outreach course that provides fieldwork training, mentoring and coaching to community performing groups be it a music band, a drama group or dance group. The academy promotes the performing arts by showcasing work performed by its students and performing groups at an annual performing arts showcase and by presenting performances to venues and events including theaters, festivals and competitions and bringing various other opportunities such as bursaries for further study, auditions and castings to its members.


Our Vision


Our vision is to produce well rounded excellent performing artists


Our Mission


We develop and promote the performing artists through quality training and showcasing


Our objectives:


  • Provide theory and practical classes in drama, music and dance whilst getting students to also do practical work in professional productions.
  • Conduct workshops, mentor and coach performing artists and groups in drama, music and dance related skills.
  • Provide opportunities for township performing groups and artists to show and sell their performances to the public at events and venues.
  • Promote the work of performing groups and artists through relationships with individuals, organizations and forums nationally and internationally.
  • Train teachers, administrators, managers and technicians for them to work efficiently as performing arts practitioners.
  • Lobby funding agencies to give financial support for the academic and community outreach program in the performing arts.
  • Foster a robust performing arts industry in the Ehlanzeni District of Mpumalanga Province


Our Principle and Values


We serve all communities irrespective of race, gender or political affiliation. We take pride in offering quality education that produces well rounded excellent performing artists that are disciplined and professional, are collaborative and work in teams. Our values are Social unity, Quality, Excellence, Discipline, Professionalism, Collaboration, Teamwork.

The academy is in the business of educating, producing and promoting the performing arts.  We do our best to offer our students the best teaching experience and we endeavor to produce well rounded excellent performing artists who go out there confidently to express their artistic ideas in ways that contribute to social unity and the advancement of democracy in South Africa.


Out of school unemployed yet talented young people with a burning desire for acting, dancing and music join our academy to acquire skills, develop their passion and transform into professional actors, poets, script writers, singers, composers, choreographers, guitarists, pianists, drummers etc. Theatre groups, dance groups, choirs and music bands from townships join our academy as members because they know that the academy is here for their artistic development and promotion needs.


Experienced performing arts practitioners join us as drama, dance and music teachers or community fieldworkers. Agencies and companies looking for artists to audition and cast in their productions look up to the academy to provide them with the most updated database of the performing arts. The academy is a one stop shop for individuals, corporate and government when hiring an entertainment service for their event or function.



Our community fieldworkers provide workshops, mentor and coach performing groups in the townships and each year select promising stage works to participate at our premier Performing Arts Feast of Shows which is the academy’s flagship performing arts showcase. This annual feast of shows allows performing groups, artists from townships and our students to present live performances in professional venues at an affordable price to the public.  The annual feast of shows provides publicity for both the academy and performing artists and provides an opportunity for the academy to measure the development of the performing arts in the region.


It is our goal to establish the feast of shows as an event that unites communities from all cultural backgrounds and that is instrumental in developing collaborative efforts, ignite excitement for the performing arts and present the academy as a center of excellence in the arts. Our students are also exposed to a wide range of performances with local, national and international guest artists, freelance teachers and fieldworkers through workshops, festivals, corporate events and competitions.


Our academy cares about its students, member artists and educators - we appreciate the unique identity and character of each person, we identify, nurture, and develop individual talent, we build self-confidence and promote artistic expression, we prepare our students and member artists with essential interpersonal skills that enable the acquisition of critical thinking, we protect the rights, dignity and self - esteem of each student, educator and of every member of the academy, we affirm the value of collaboration in the creation of art and in the running of our academy and we promote a spirit of teamwork and shared aspirations.



Dance        Drama        Music

Developing and Promoting the Performing Arts



The academy is a company with a body of membership. Performing artists, members of community performing groups and students become members of the academy. All members of the academy meet at an AGM every year to receive, consider and adopt the annual report including annual financial statements from the Governing Board amongst other things. The AGM is the highest decision and policy making structure of the academy and amongst its members it elects the Governing Board to serve a term of two years. The Governing Board consists of a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary and fourteen (14) representatives of which six (6) are from community performing groups and eight (8) are from students of the academy.


Mr ZL Mncina


Mr BV Sihlangu


Mr ES Sambo


Ms FA Sithole



Mr BD Nkambule



Mr N Chongo


A Managing Director takes charge of the day-to-day administration and management of the academy and oversees the work of three directors, namely the Director: Performing Arts Education, the Director: Corporate Services and the Director: Productions and Promotions who together make up the Executive Management.


The Director: Performing Arts Education oversees the work of three Heads of Department, namely the Head of Department: Drama, Head of Department: Dance and Head of Department: Music and the Coordinator: Fieldwork Training who together form the Teaching and Learning Management Team. The Heads of the departments are each responsible for the teaching and learning program of their department and see to it that quality learning is delivered, assessed and moderated, that students graduate and are certified.


The Director: Productions and Promotions oversees the production and promotion program of the academy that produce resident performance projects and present performances to theatres, festivals and corporate events, organize a regional performing arts showcase and seek various other opportunities such as bursaries for further study, auditions and castings for members of the academy.


The Director: Corporate Services provides support to the entire administration and the governance structure of the academy including the AGM and Governing Board. This directorate also ensures that skilled, experienced and suitably qualified performing arts practitioners are recruited to join the academy as teachers and fieldwork trainers. The directorate also fundraises and solicits opportunities from agencies and companies in the form of bursaries for further study, auditions and castings and markets the academy as an entertainment service to generate revenue. The Directorate: Productions and Promotions ensures that the annual Performing Arts Feast of Shows is organized, that performances of community performing groups and students are professionally produced and presented at various venues and events. 




The academy offers an accredited learnership in the performing arts at NQF level four. Our students receive a Further Education and Training (FETC) Certificate on completion of the learnership which is offered for a period of two years. Classes are provided by the academy at eight centers.  Each center provides a hall with a stage for dance and drama class and a fully equipped room for music practice. Each of the eight centers is able to take a class of twenty students.


The purpose of the learnership is to provide qualifying students with performing arts knowledge and skills in order to become competent and professional practitioners; be employed or self-employ within the industry and apply for further learning in specific areas of the performing arts. The learnership equips qualifying students with basic competencies in the performing arts in order for them to work successfully as actors, dancers, musicians.


On completion of the learnership qualifying students are capable of presenting performances that engage the audience using appropriate elements of performance craft and technique, as well as interpret and conceptualize performance using knowledge of the text, context, forms and approaches of the performing arts.


In order to be admitted to the learnership program, prospective students must have completed grade eleven with a pass in two languages, one being a home language and the other a first additional language – English or Afrikaans, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, and an elective component consisting of two subjects from History, Life Science, Physical Science and Business Studies.


Prospective students should have developed general competencies relating to arts and culture and demonstrate an acceptable level of talent in their chosen performing arts area through an audition. The learnership is designed to provide both theory and practical training in drama, dance and music . read more




The academy offers an accredited unit standard based performing arts skill program. On completion of the unit standards of the skills program members receive a certificate. This short training course is derived from the learnership and tailor made as a community outreach program aimed to empower members of the academy from community performing groups on their specific performing art forms.


This community performing arts outreach program allows our fieldworkers to conduct workshops, mentor and coach performing groups in theatre, music and dance related skills.


The program provides groups with the underlying performing arts knowledge, skills and values in order to become competent practitioners; be employable or self-employ within the performing arts and apply for further learning in specific areas of the performing arts.


Theatre groups, dance groups, choirs and music bands from townships that join our academy as members are on request assigned to a fieldworker who is experienced in the performing art area practiced by the group.


The fieldworker conducts an assessment to determine how good the group is in the performing art form they do, the level of their performance and identify what needs to be addressed to raise the skill level and quality of the group’s performance. A fieldwork training plan is then drawn to provide the necessary assistance in the form of workshops as well as mentoring and coaching to assist the group to apply lessons in rehearsals. This program assigns the fieldworker to work with the group for a period of time.




Practical training for the drama component includes acting, voice, movement, physical theatre, stagecraft, mime and poetry workshops and learners are given an opportunity to perform in a number of productions as well as in the presentation of class work. Learners present public performances at the academy’s annual Performing Arts Feast of Shows and festivals organized by other organizations locally and nationally. Learners also audition and get casted for industrial performances whenever requested by government departments and private companies


Practical training for the dance component include physical training in contemporary, African, Spanish and jazz dance forms and learners perform in the academy’s productions done in collaboration with other dance companies. Learners compete at various events and represent South Africa at international competitions.


In music we offer both the classical and contemporary components and learners are required to learn two instruments, history of music, music theory, arranging and composing, improvisation, aural and performance. Learners choose to specialize in classical music and play an orchestral instrument, a piano, a recorder and vocals or choose contemporary music and do vocals, play drums, a guitar and keyboard and do live solo and band performance.

Audition Requirements




Students will be trained in contemporary, African, jazz, modern and Spanish dance forms.


Candidates must have background of the dance form they choose to specialize in.


Please wear tights or a body suit. Jeans and sneakers are not allowed. If you do pointe and ballet, please bring your shoes to the audition.


Freestyle, Hip Hop, Kwaito or Funk are not offered as formal dance forms. We do not accept these dance forms during auditions.



Students are required to act a monologue from a published play taking five minutes.

Monologues are available at the reference section of public libraries.


The piece should be a single long speech spoken by one character taken from a play.

Scripts must be memorized. We look for characterization; the ability to become someone different from yourself, using your voice, body, thoughts and emotions.


We are also interested in how you use space on the stage, your ability to visualize and keep focused, believability and impact. Do not bring own written material and no Shakespeare please.


The candidate will be asked to present a piece of unprepared acting where they will be given a character and situation and will then be required to act it out.



During the audition prospective students must play or sing one prepared piece on their chosen instrument which can be any instrument or voice.  We regard voice as an instrument.


Candidates must bring their own instrument to the audition venue. Voice students must choose and prepare one song. If the voice is backed by music, the candidate must bring a CD to be played.





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